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Your guide to events, activities and things to do and see in Mauririus island

Discover events and activities on Mauritius island with umoov's tourist guide application on our web portal and mobile applications (Android, iPad, iPhone). If you wish to go out, do some hicking, do some activities and participate to events with mauritians, you are at the right place to discover what Mauritius island has to offer.

More than a travel guide or a tourist guide, we allow you to get away from the common paths and discover unique events and activities. We also register beaches, temples and other point of interest all over the island.

Umoov is a social tool, and because it is free, the volume of registered activites and events grows on a daily basis. Our team are on road all day long tracking unpopular events and activities which we are proud to show you through our Android / iOS apps and WEB portal. Our goal is to let you discover on a simple and yet powerfull tool what Mauritius island has to offer. Making your holiday on Mauritius island full of opportunities to have fun.

Our smartphone and tablet applications let you use the GPS guidance and intractive map of Mauritius, contact the organizers, save on your Android device data for an offline usage, and much more... We have to power on the weather, but yet we can suggest activities according to it.

One last thing, when returning home, you will have umoov with you to discover what is going on around your place ! Feel free to publish your own activities and events it is free of charge and easy.

Publish your event and activity for free in umoov

An innovative and efficient way to promote your events and activities

  • has wide international audience
  • is a multi-media broadcast: WEB and smartphone with our Android and iOS mobile applications
  • provides a dedicated space to promote your events and activities
  • registers automatically your events and activities in the main search engines
  • offers some social network diffusion tools
  • constantly integrates new tools and ideas to ease your promotion process
  • is 100% free of charge

To publish your events and activities go to or send us the description of your event or activity at It is free of charge !

An even more effective way to promote your events and activities is to register on our advertisement program throught our mobile application and WEB portal. Please contact us for further details.


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